Alzheimer's disease is characterized by a progressive loss in brain cells which leads to steady memory loss. This causes distress, anxiety, boredom, agitation and even aggression in patients who suffer it.

Although these tools cannot cure this condition, they can help slow down memory loss by stimulating the brain cells. They are also designed to help the patients in staving off boredom, reducing their anxiety and regaining some of their independence.

Memory and motor aids:

1) Gel Aquarium

Patients will find this pad a helpful and even fun way to stave off their boredom and reduce their anxiety. This tool will help in building up their hand-eye coordination, improving the strength and dexterity of their fingers and stimulating their overall senses. It can be put on the table, on the floor or the patient's lap.

2) Gel Maze Activity Pad

This tool trains the patient's hand-eye coordination, stimulates their brain activity, improves finger strength and dexterity and reduces boredom and agitation. This easy-to-use gel pad consists of a ball which the patient attempts to move through a maze pattern.

3) Number-Color Association Pad

This pad will also help stimulate and improve the patient's cognitive and motor abilities in many ways: counting sequencing, recognition, and comparison of colors and numbers, eye-hand coordination and finger strength and dexterity.

4) Tic-Tac-Toe Gel Pad

Alzheimer's patients usually suffer from short attention span, and this tool and toy can help in fighting off this particular symptom. Apart from improving eye-hand coordination, finger strength and dexterity and stimulation of the senses, this tool also encourages socialization when two people play it.

5) Activity Apron

The easy-to-use Activity Apron can help in improving an Alzheimer's patient cognitive abilities. This tool features different textures and colors to help develop the patient's tactile and visual stimulation, as well as color recognition, eye-hand coordination, finger strength and dexterity, and motor skills.

Kerr Medical has many products to help with Alzheimer's care, including the products listed above. There are also other products that can help with Alzheimer's care, as can be seen below.

Mobile apps:

My Reef 3D Aquarium
This virtual tank provides stimulation and fun for Alzheimer's patients. It is also very easy to use. Through this game, patients will get to interact with different kinds of virtual fish. There are fun functions in it which include tapping the fish which react in funny movements and stocking the aquarium. This interactive game will keep the patients away from boredom and anxiety. Although it can be used by patients who are suffering varying stages of Alzheimer's and dementia, it is the most ideal for the advanced sufferers.

Game Show
Game Show is an app which was developed by the University of Cambridge. It is designed to improve the patient's memory and thinking ability. This app is ideal for people who are on the onset stages of Alzheimer's and dementia. According to recent tests and studies, patients who use this app have shown improved memory by 40%.

Talking Tom Cat 2
Another "virtual pet" game, Talking Tom Cat 2 is a fun and engaging interactive tool that can help in improving a patient's memory, tactile sensation and communication, and motor skills, aside from reducing boredom, anxiety, and aggression.

Users can talk to the game's main character, Tom the cat, and he will repeat what they have said right away. Patients can also stroke, tickle and brush Tom, and also dress him in different outfits in just several taps on the screen. It also includes mini-games which helps in improving the patient's interactive skills.

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