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Data about Coronavirus COVID-19 shows that seniors, especially those with pre-existing conditions like heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and diabetes, are more vulnerable to the virus. If you're caring for a patient or loved one during this stressful time, minimizing the risk of infection is a top priority.

The team at Kerr Medical compiled these tips to help your senior (and you) stay healthy.

  1. Take extra time with personal hygiene.  As a caregiver, you're already aware that proper hygiene is essential for maintaining the health of older adults. Continued emphasis on handwashing after being in public, using the restroom, or sneezing and coughing is valuable during this crisis.  Soap and water are active cleansing agents, but both have harsh effects on seniors' skin over time.  Tranquility Cleansing Wipes from Kerr Medical are alcohol-free and infused with aloe to offer a gentle, effective option to alternate with traditional soaps. What's more, these disposable wipes are available in regular or convenient travel-sized packs to ensure your senior's hands and face stay clean in any environment. Note: These wipes are alcohol-free and are not to be used as disinfectant wipes to sanitize and clear surfaces and hands of the coronavirus COVID-19.   
  2. Avoid trips to public places, even if social distancing is in place. COVID-19 is a highly contagious respiratory virus transmitted through the air as people cough or through direct contact with an ill person.  While many retail outlets are now providing early shopping times for seniors or delivery services, product availability, and delivery times are limited. Kerr Medical offers convenient, secure delivery service for caregivers with patients who need daily use products like undergarments, pads, or bed liners.
  3. Find ways to stay mentally active. Seniors with limitations risk isolation from daily interactions. With many states restricting movement during the COVID-19 crisis, connecting with others has become difficult for everyone. Encourage your elderly parent or patient to listen to music, chat on the phone with family and friends, and play games. If your senior struggles with dementia or Alzheimer's, sensory stimulation products can help alleviate anxiety if routines become disrupted. 
  4. Plan healthy, regular meals.  As restaurants are forced to close their doors to dine-in visitors for the next few weeks, we're turning to in-home meal prep. Check out our recent blog post for tips about healthy meal planning, getting creative with leftovers, and keeping your senior interested in eating.
  5. Spend time outside when the weather is beautiful. Fresh air and sunshine can refresh and buoy the spirits of your senior patients. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and source of Vitamin D, too, which can boost physical and mental health. If your loved one needs mobility support like a cane or wheelchair to navigate outdoors, talk with Kerr Medical's customer experts to find the right product.

Kerr Medical is Here to Support You During COVID-19

Helping our customers maintain a healthy quality of life is our mission. Contact our team with questions or concerns you have about caring for your senior during this unprecedented time. We'll do our best to find solutions and resources to support you and your loved ones.