The moment people hit senescence or begin to show signs of debilitating illnesses such as dementia (or its more degenerative form, Alzheimer's disease), concerns immediately raise among family members, friends and people who are tasked to take care of them. Apart from the condition itself, one of those major concerns is elderly safety – how can the elderly manage around the home without risking themselves to injury (or worse)? For example, how can they get out of the bed to go to the restroom without the hazards of falling or slipping? How can they call for help when they are left alone in their bedroom?

Fortunately in this world today, we now have useful products that have innovative features to aid senior patients and caregivers. These tools and gadgets promise to make health monitoring easier and less burdensome, minimize the risk of accidents, and improve the quality of life for both patients and caregivers. Aside from the sophisticated and high-tech equipment, there are also rudimentary, non-high-tech tools that are cleverly designed to provide relief and even help in improving mobility for the patients. These quality medical products and aids are deemed valuable for use not just in your own home but also in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, and institutions.

The following lists some of the products to enable safe home living for senior patients and to enable flexibility on part of the caregivers:

1) Bath Tub Safety Rail
As people get older, they begin to lose their sense of balance and this will lead to dangerous consequences – especially when going around inside the bathroom and on its slippery tiles. The Bath Tub Safety Rail is ergonomically designed for a safe, non-slip and comfortable grip. This safety rail can support the sides of a bathtub by adjusting its width from 2.75" to 6.5". It is easy to install and there are no special tools to do it.

2) Safety Bed Rail and Padded Pouch
The Safety Bed Rail and Padded Pouch are installed on the bedside to prevent accidental falls and to provide support to the patient as he or she gets in and out of bed. The rail is also equipped with a pouch so that the patient can have easy access to the things he or she needs. The rail can be folded down when it's not in use, which provides ease for the caretaker to make the bed. Installation is fast and easy.

3) Easy Release Safety Buckle Seat Belt
This buckle seat belt, manufactured by Smart Caregiver, keeps your loved ones safe but without restraining them. This makes a good alternative to sensor pads.

The belt can be attached to a seatbelt and should be used with any of the Smart Caregiver alarms – TL-2004E, TL-2016R3, TL-2100E, TL-2100V, TL-2100CP, or TL-2100G, (all sold separately) – to complete the system.

As soon as the patient releases the belt, it sends an alarm to the caregiver. And because the patient has just released the belt, he or she has yet to stand up, allowing the caregiver to come to the patient's aid on time.

4) Big Button Phone Telephone with Emergency Keys (White)
This multi-functional handset features big and easy-to-read dial keys, four photo-speed dial keys, one SOS emergency key, a speakerphone that reaches up to 16.5-feet, message waiting and incoming call indicator, volume control, and many others. It is also compatible with most hearing aids, supports multiple languages and can be placed on the desk or mounted on the wall.

5) Safety Bed Alarm Monitor
It is considered as one of the most recommended and most widely used tools in the field of elderly care, hospice care as well as palliative care. Also manufactured by Smart Caregiver, this alarm monitor can be used with the standard Smart Caregiver standard (corded) bed or chair sensor pads, floor mats or non-restraining buckle belts, each sold separately.

This tamper-proof alarm also features a low-battery light and a lost pad light to let caregivers know that the pad is either disconnected or not working.

Place three AA batteries into the alarm monitor, and connect it to the pad, floor mat or seatbelt. Place the pad, floor mat or seat belt in a convenient location. As soon as the patient sits on the pad, it sends an alarm twice to let you know it is activated. When the patient tries to get up, the pressure is released and the alarm will sound, alerting you to their aid.

6) Call Button for Monitor
This call button is used together with the Wireless Central Monitoring Alarm 433-CMU, 433-CMU-40, 433-CMU-60, or the Cordless Alarm 433-EC (all sold separately). The patient presses the call button, a signal is sent to you to let you know they need help. It can be placed in a convenient location or worn with a lanyard around the neck.

7) Spoon and Fork Holder
These portable and stylish items can fit spoons and forks of any size and style. They also feature a secure and stress-free grip. This allows the patients to eat on their own and more importantly, gives them a sense of confidence and independence.

8) Deluxe Folding Travel Walker
This lightweight but sturdy travel walker provides mobility walking aid for seniors in a smooth and comfortable way. It helps them to go around the house independently. It features an easy-release trigger that allows the patient to close the walker without much effort in moving their hands from the handle.

These are a few of the elderly safety products offered by Kerr Medical. If you have questions, or need assistance choosing products, call 1-888-254-3444 and someone will help you get the right products for your needs.