Floor mats with wireless remote alarms and bed/ chair exit alarm systems are beneficial for people who require assistance from time to time yet wish to live independently. These modern systems alert the caretakers and family members staying with the elderly or needing constant help during their movement. The floor pressure on the mat alarm triggers a signal, thus, allowing safe movement across the floor.

Installing floor mat alarms for the elderly is a wise decision. A caretaker can’t be present 24/7 with vulnerable individuals. Besides, falls can happen at any time. That’s why they are called accidents. A floor mat with wireless remote alarm aids fall prevention, prevents wandering tendencies (in the case of dementia patients), thus, ensuring peace of mind for both the person in care and the caretakers. These devices take a lot of burden off the caretaker while making it easy to keep track of the patient’s movement.

These systems ensure the independence and utmost safety of an individual while preventing some fatal accidents. Additionally, the wireless remote alarm with a floor mat can save the hassle of entangled wires while offering the convenience of setup. Made up of high-quality, durable rubber, the system also provides anti-skid properties that are also wheelchair friendly. Suitable for in-home care, these systems are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and residential spaces.

However, to truly create a difference, one must be strategic with the installation. Here are a few things to look out for:

Place Near The Bed And Entryways

Beds are one of the most vulnerable spots of accidents. Sometimes, a patient might try to get up too early too fast and lose balance all of a sudden. If the door entryways in the room have a bump or small steps, it’s better to install floor mat alarms for your elderly loved one.

Consider The Spots Where The Patient Is Likely To Sit Down And Get Up

If the room has a chair-table setup or a sofa that a patient regularly uses, install a mat over there. Additionally, make sure the setting has ample space around for ease of settling down.

Install Across The Toilet Area And Bathroom

Bathrooms are another one of the most vulnerable spots related to accidents and falls. The toilet requires mechanical getting up and sitting down. Make sure to install some mats around the pot area. Additionally, install floor pressure mat alarm and sensor system around the shower area and bathtub for immediate rescue.

Undoubtedly, floor alarm systems offer immense benefits to both the caregiver and the elderly patient. Fall and wandering preventative measures are essential while making the space secure and functional. If you are looking for some reliable floor pressure mat alarm systems for your room, feel free to browse our online product showcase carrying different types of weight sensing mats, corded and wireless systems, and complete kits.