It is important for family members of a senior loved one or an aging adult to understand that financial difficulties, medical conditions, limited mobility, etc., can all take a toll on the mood or mental state of a senior. It is not uncommon for seniors to feel left out and sad. That is why we will advise you to sit with your senior loved one and inquire whether he/she is sad or depressed. In this blog, we have listed some ways you can cheer up a dejected aging adult or a senior. Any family member or a caretaker can use these methods to make a senior feel happy and loved.

  • Have Meals Together - Many seniors and aging adults become sad as there is no one to sit with them and have a meal. If you haven’t sat with your loved one for a while, we will advise you to allocate some days of the week where you will have at least one meal with your senior loved one. You may not be able to realize the importance of this small gesture of yours, but it can have a positive impact on the psychological and emotional health of your loved one.
  • Take Them For A Stroll - Staying stuck at home for a long period of time is not good for seniors. Just like we go out of the house on a daily basis, seniors too need to be in the presence of nature. If not every day, make sure you take your senior loved one to a nearby park or just for a walk in the neighborhood at least twice a week. This simple activity will do a world of good to your loved one’s mood.
  • Play Games With Them - Not any outdoor games but indoor games such as chess and checkers, word games, card games, board games, etc., are prefect for keeping your senior loved one entertained and free of boredom. Understand that the more time your loved one spends doing nothing at home, the more they will become depressed and sad. So, by all means lift their melancholy mood by playing games with them.

If you’re busy with your work or other engagements, have a caregiver to do all the aforesaid activities with your loved one. The goal is to make a senior feel that there is someone by their side. Doing all the above-mentioned activities will keep your senior family member feeling happy and loved. If you ever need any quality medical products to care for your senior loved one such as wireless bed alarm, mobility aids, bathing items, incontinence products, virtually anything that is needed to care for a senior, you can get in touch with Kerr Medical and we will provide you the product you need.