One of the thoughts that keep seniors wake at both night and day is that of falling and injuring themselves. While the majority of the falls that most seniors experience take place during the day, there’s a group of seniors who often fall out of the bed at night. They often dread that after falling out of the bed, they may just end up lying on the floor for hours, and caregivers wouldn’t become aware of this.

This is where a bed alarm comes in. It removes the anxiety that seniors constantly experience. Smart caregiver wireless bed alarm can prove extremely helpful to both the senior being cared for and the caregiver looking for better ways to care for a senior.

Bed Alarms

Although bed alarms are especially useful for those seniors who come into the category of high fall risk, it isn’t that other seniors or people, in general, cannot use it; it is useful for anyone who requires it. With these alarms, elderly loved ones can be kept safe, and other family members can live with peace of mind.

Seniors fall out of bed at night due to confusion or tiredness. You can also blame medications for their falls as some of them cause side effects such as dizziness or weakness. Other reasons include going to the bathroom in a rush in order to avoid an accident in the bed. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, a bed alarm instantly alerts the caregiver as soon as the senior is off the bed.

Most caregivers and families prefer using a magnetic alarm that has a clip attached to the senior’s clothing. While one end of the clip is attached to the senior, the other one is connected to a magnetic pad. Once the connection between the two points is broken when the senior moves, an alarm goes off which alerts the caregiver.

Another effective method is the use of a pressure pad. You can place this pad underneath the bed sheet of the senior’s bed. If the seniors fall out or get off the bed, the pressure is released which then sends an alert to the caregiver about the senior’s movement.

Importance of Keeping Seniors From Falling

While adults can experience a fall and recover from it rather quickly, the same cannot be said for the seniors. Falls are extremely excruciating for seniors and a mere fall can very possibly lead to a broken hip, which can force a senior to get admitted to a hospital for months. Issues with mobility have been identified as one of the biggest reasons seniors lose their independence. And once they lose their independence, it doesn’t take very long for them to become depressed and isolated.

This is the reason why Kerr Medical sells smart caregiver bed alarm and sensor pad at an affordable price so that your elderly loved ones do not experience painful falls. With a bed alarm, caregivers become better able to perform their duties and provide assistance to seniors at the right time.