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Mealtimes can become difficult for seniors, especially if they're living alone or lack local support. Dietary restrictions and changing tastes add another level of complexity to helping the elderly get the nutrition they need to stay healthy. We've compiled a few suggestions that caregivers can share with patients or parents and identified several products to make meal prep easier.

Making Cooking for One (or Two) More Fun

With planning and a little effort, you can help your senior prepare and eat delicious, healthy foods every day.

The team at Kerr Medical offers a 3-step approach to meal preparation:


  • Incorporate favorite healthy foods and ingredients into your weekly meal plan. Your patient is more likely to eat foods they enjoy.
  • Look for new recipes that tantalize the taste buds and try a new twist on favorite food. If your senior likes mashed potatoes, add cauliflower to the mix for more nutrition.  "Bowl" recipes are becoming more popular, with foods like egg rolls deconstructed into a flavorful (and healthier) pork and cabbage bowl. 
  • Make sure each day includes a variety of foods, using leftovers creatively. Baked chicken breasts for a main meal can also become an ingredient in a pasta dish later in the week.


  • Strive for one shopping trip to cover the week's meals.
  • Think about preparing a few meals like soups or stews that will keep well in the refrigerator or freezer during the week. You can par-cook vegetables, then freeze them, reducing the cooking time after thawing.  
  • Help with ingredient prep to save time. You or your senior can wash and chop fruits and vegetables, then store them in containers for use during the week.
  • Invest in prepped foods for convenience. Bagged salad kits make it easy for seniors to scoop out a serving of greens and toss with pre-measured dressing and toppings.


  • Encourage your senior to share a meal with friends, family, or neighbors.
  • For patients living alone, try to time meals to accompany an activity like reading a book or newspaper, or watching a favorite show.
  • Suggest that your parent or patient write a short 'review' of the meal or record comments about likes and dislikes. This activity will boost engagement with the food and is useful for adjusting meal plans.

Cooking Aids from Kerr Medical

Kerr Medical has several products seniors can use as they prep and eat meals.

  • Our reachers make it easy to pick up ingredients like cans, cooking sprays, and other meal prep items.
  • The easy opener helps with box tops, bottles, and pull tabs.
  • A scooper bowl with suction stays in place during mealtime and a shape that facilitates getting every last delicious bite.
  • Our assortment of eating utensils ensures your senior can grasp tools without pain and use silverware successfully.

For information about these products or to discuss other aids to support seniors, contact the Kerr Medical team. Helping you as a caregiver and your parent or patient have a better quality of life is our mission.

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