How A Chair Alarm Pad Ensures Better Care For The Elderly

Whether you are taking care of someone in a nursing home or at their residence, it sometimes seems impossible to leave them unsupervised. Especially if they are elderly or tend to wander around, leaving them to their own devices feels irresponsible. But however much we want to, we can’t stick to their side 24X7. Thankfully, there are devices, like the chair alarm pad that keep you informed of their movements, so you can finally breathe easily.

What Is A Chair Alarm Pad

A chair alarm pad is a fall prevention device composed of a motion sensor, monitor, and alarm. It is also known as a wheelchair alarm, chair exit alarm, or chair alarm system. Chair alarms provide caretakers with a way to keep track of a patient's movements while they are seated in a chair by issuing an audio alarm or alerting a pager whenever the patient moves.

It is an effective fall prevention tool when looking after elderly or disabled people. When a patient tries to stand up or suddenly moves their weight off of the pad, the chair sensor pad, and alarm work together to sound an alert, enabling the caregiver to rush to the patient's rescue. It is an excellent tool for keeping an eye on persons who frequently stray or are more likely to fall.

When weight is taken from the pressure pad, the pad activates the monitor and alerts the caregiver to act. When the patient returns to the safe position, the alarm immediately resets, lowering the likelihood of false alerts.

Benefits of Chair Alarm Pads

Fall Prevention: A caretaker cannot stay by the side of the vulnerable person all the time–they usually have a lot of additional responsibilities. If the caregiver is not aware that the patient is attempting to leave their bed or chair, a potentially fatal situation may arise. An exit alarm will help in preventing this. All exit alarms are installed primarily to prevent mishaps that could be fatal.

Peace of Mind: The aged person's independence and security are of utmost importance. Therefore, placing bed and chair exit alarms in their residence or place of care will provide the elderly and their caregiver's peace of mind.

The exit pads would also be a great addition to any residence or facility where senior citizens may need assistance but are reluctant to ask for it. The caregiver will be silently informed by the chair exit devices that the patient may require assistance or be straying. For an elderly person who wishes to keep their independence but occasionally needs help, the chair alarm pad for the elderly offers the ideal option.

A Quiet Helping Hand: The inability to understand information and the inability to differentiate between various sounds are both typical dementia symptoms. Due to this, they might be startled by loud noises. Fortunately, silent alarms have been created to warn the caregiver and protect the patient.

Products for patient safety are essential to their healthcare regimen. It's highly likely that you will need chair alarm pads if you have an older or disabled family member so that you can ensure their constant safety.

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