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Most seniors want to enjoy the freedom (and privacy) of living independently in their homes for as long as possible. If you notice that your older adult is starting to need help with daily tasks, it may be time for an honest and timely conversation about seeking additional support. An elderly parent's safety should not be a cause of constant worry, concern and stress. You cannot be by their side all the time, but you can ensure there are tools and measures in place to give them the support they need.

Evaluating a Senior's Ability to Remain Independent

Talk with your elderly parents about these topics so you can learn where they need help to maintain a good quality of life. Areas to discuss include the following:

  • Navigating indoors. Living safely on their own requires parents to be able to get around in their home safely. Watch your senior to determine if he or she has difficulty walking throughout the house and using the stairs. Ask if they've fallen inside the house and what caused them to fall. Importantly, find out if they have a plan in place if they fall and can't get up.
  • Preparing and eating meals. Find out if your elderly parent(s) can make at least simple meals on their own. Review their eating habits over the last few days. Are they getting a balanced diet with protein, fruits and vegetables, and some carbohydrates? Observe them eating, if possible. Are they struggling to open containers or use utensils? Take time to look at their cooking area to address any potential hazards. A microwave placed over a stovetop, for example, can become difficult to access and a spill danger when removing hot foods.
  • Managing personal hygiene. Look at the bathroom fixtures such as the bathtub and shower, the toilet, and the sink.  Ask if your senior has any challenges when using these areas. Are they able to get in and out of the tub area quickly? If they prefer to shower, can they stand confidently and wash? Can they comfortably sit and rise from the toilet?  A sensitive but important issue to review is whether your senior struggles with incontinence. It's not an uncommon condition, and if not addressed, can create rashes or infections.

Fortunately, devices and products are available from Kerr Medical to make independent-living more comfortable for older adults.

Kerr Medical Products Designed to Support Seniors

Products from Kerr Medical can ease the physical challenges elderly parents face.

  • Keeping your senior mobile. For older adults who need moderate support to walk comfortably, a quad cane is an easy-to-use device.  Kerr Medical's walkers and rollators are available for seniors requiring significant assistance to walk. A call button pager system can provide peace of mind if your parent has fallen or has concerns about getting help when living alone.
  • Aids for meal preparation. Access to the pantry becomes easier with a Kerr Medical reacher. An all-purpose stool may help with meal prep for those who can't stand for long periods in the kitchen. Openers and utensils with padded grips give seniors tools that facilitate food prep and eating. 
  • Support for Personal Hygiene. Installing rails and grab bars will give your senior secure handholds to use in the bathroom. A toilet riser assists those who have difficulty bending. If standing while showering is awkward, a shower bench allows parents to sit while bathing.  For seniors who might not make it to the bathroom in time overnight, placing a commode near the bed provides a comfortable, hygienic solution. Undergarments designed for incontinence are also available. 

As you explore solutions to help your senior parents remain independent, be sure to involve them in the decision-making process. Partnering through discussion allows them to retain a feeling of control, and you'll have reassurance about their safety.

The team at Kerr Medical is standing by to offer suggestions and support for you and your parents. Contact us with questions about any of the products in our catalog.