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Appearance matters to adults of all ages. Looking our best includes basics like brushed hair, bright teeth, and the pleasing scents of a clean body and laundered clothing. Helping seniors maintain their style is essential to their dignity, sense of well-being, and overall health.

As mobility changes, however, keeping up with tasks like personal cleanliness and even getting dressed can become more challenging. The recent emergence of COVID-19 makes hygiene best practices essential for seniors who are at higher risk if they catch the virus. Our team has put together a few suggestions that we've found useful for patients and caregivers.

Simplify Daily Routines to Instill Hygiene Habits

If you've noticed your senior parent having difficulty with basic hygiene and dressing, it's time to have a conversation to find out what kind of support he or she is willing to accept. At a minimum, you can streamline daily tasks by:

  • Putting frequently used items such as soap, toothbrush/toothpaste, shaving tools, and a comb/hairbrush into a small plastic tub (no lid) and placing it within easy reach in the bathroom. Encourage hand washing after using the toilet, sneezing, coughing, or nose blowing. Since even mild soaps can be rough on the thinning skin of seniors, be sure to add moisturizing cream to the bathroom kit.
  • Keeping soap or sanitizer readily available in dining areas or kitchens to routinize hand washing, especially before and after eating, preparing food, touching pets, or feeding pets. Look for alcohol-free, fragrance-free hygiene products like no-rinse cleansing water that cleans without drying the skin.
  • Setting up space in a bedroom or bathroom to place clean clothing in a logical order for getting dressed. Organize clothing in closets and drawers with large-print labeling to make it easier to find and decide on a daily outfit. Place a hamper or basket near your senior's changing area; empty it daily if possible and launder clothes worn outdoors as soon as possible.

Products to Safely Support Seniors

Maintaining proper hygiene and appearance becomes less of a struggle with products such as:

For peace of mind for your senior and you as a caregiver, particularly for those living alone during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, consider buying a bed alarm.  You'll receive notification of any unexpected shifts or movements that occur during the night. Your elderly parent or patient will sleep more restfully knowing help will arrive if needed. All they need is a reliable bed alarm to alert you or their other caregivers that they need assistance.

For more information about products that will help you and your elderly loved ones remain healthy during the crisis of COVID-19, please call the Kerr Medical team.  Our offices remain open to ensure our customers have access to high-quality products that make life better. We're now offering same-day shipping on orders placed by noon PST with no shipping charges. Call us today!

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