Margaret's Story

After Margaret's husband, Jerry, passed away, she wanted to continue living independently in the home they shared for 60 years. Margaret has a strong support group of friends and is active in her church, but with the stay-at-home order due to COVID-19, Margaret's daily connections have diminished. Here are some of the strategies and products Margaret and her children used to help maintain her health and quality of life.

Learning to Thrive while Living Alone

Margaret has a daughter living in a neighboring town and a son who lives about 3 hours away. Before the COVID-19 shut-down, Margaret and her daughter would have lunch together every week. Her son, John, gave her a tablet for Christmas and showed her how to use Skype software. Now she can have virtual face-to-face conversations with Emily as well as John and his family.

Although Margaret has a car, she's been reluctant to go to the grocery store. Instead, she relies on delivery services like InstaCart and Shipt to get fresh food. Her daughter, Emily, will also pick up needed items, including prescriptions, and drop them on her front porch. Margaret makes sure to eat 3 to 4 small meals daily, using easy-to-prepare recipes that feature fruits and vegetables. She supplements her diet with vitamin C to boost immunity and vitamin D for mood support.

If the weather is calm and sunny, Margaret takes a short walk using her cane for extra support and wearing a homemade face mask recommended by local health authorities. She also tends the small vegetable garden that she planted with seeds that Emily purchased earlier in the year. Her afternoons include phone calls to check in on friends, and she uses her tablet to watch the online services her church broadcasts on Sunday.

Useful Products Like Bed Alarms Make Living Alone Easier

While her cell phone and tablet connect her to family and friends, Margaret recognized that she might need additional help if she fell and couldn't make a call.  She talked with John and Emily and decided to invest in a bed alarm with a pager and a two-button call system. Margaret gave the pager to her next-door neighbor, who agreed to call 911 and Emily in case of an emergency.

John helped Margaret set up the bed alarm before the stay-at-home order occurred. He also showed her how to use the call system. Together they decided to mount one call button on the kitchen counter and put the other on a lanyard for Margaret to wear when she's outside.

Now Margaret and her children rest a little easier, knowing she has a way to reach out for help while living at home alone during COVID-19. The bed alarm and call system give Margaret added support during this time of isolation.

If you or your loved one are living alone and need mobility aids, fall prevention devices, or other products to maintain quality of life, reach out to Kerr Medical. Our team will answer your questions and help you find the right solutions. Contact us today!


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