Live Carefree with Innovative Bed and Chair Alarms for Seniors

Dementia is a serious condition that may bring troubles not only for a senior person but for the caretaker also. Accidental slips and falls may increase the troubles by manifold. Intelligent gadgets today, for example, bed and chair alarms for seniors ring the janitors when they are the most prone to sudden falls and life-threatening injuries.

Such advanced technology has saved our backs by inventing new methods that are perfect to alert the caretaker at the right time. Let’s throw some light on these two inventions for the people who are not aware of these wonderful alarm systems.

Bed Alarms and Patient Safety

Bed alarms alert you when the seniors in your house leave their beds. They have easy-to-monitor functions that may keep them in an operable condition. Bed alarms and patient safety go hand-in-hand in a house where there resides a dementia patient.

They should be charged regularly to keep the battery alive. The feature of a low-battery light allows you to charge the alarm immediately.

The volume adjustable feature permits you to keep the volume as per your listening ability. It avoids unnecessary sound that bothers your hearing ability and also could wake up your little infants inappropriately.

The reset button is a lifesaver for your other family members. The repetitive noise made by the alarm can be instantly stopped with the reset button. It simply resets the alarm for the next alert.

The discretion of the buyer comes into use when they buy the bed alarms. They may come with a long-term like 1-year warranty or a short-time 45–60-day warranty period. It is gently advised to read the product description and specifications to purchase only the most relevant safety alarm.

Chair Alarms and Added Patient Safety

A Dementia patient has a forgetful memory. Some patients may develop muscle weakness parallel to dementia due to their aging bodies. They are likely to forget about their inability to walk without support. This may cause them to get up without support and injure themselves severely.

Chair alarms work with sensor pads that are laid on the chair seat. These pads sense whenever the dementia patient leaves their chair. The alarm may quickly alert you about a possible threat to the patient.

An aged person deals with painful joint and lower back issues. The bearable touch of the sensor pad ensures that their body alignment is not disturbed. The vinyl material of chair alarms is soft and incontinent. It’s easy-to-clean fabric makes it unnoticeable by the seniors and does not hinder their sitting position.


These bed and chair alarms for seniors have improved the living quality of countless caretakers. They let the caretaker have their own life. It has filtered out the frustration part from the life of the family members who serve the patient.

Now you, the wardens can live your life care freely and take moments out for breathing and relaxing. These innovative gadgets will take good care of your loved ones and will rightly alert you to take further action.

All you have to do as a good family member is to purchase high-quality alarms for dementia patients from renowned brands and reliable retailers. Install them at the right and accessible spots and do your work. It is that easy!

Now, caring for a dementia patient is not as difficult as it seemed years ago. Technology has changed the guarding for the good now!