Selecting the Right Bathroom Stools and Benches

Consider the possibility that you or a loved one is starting to experience balance or mobility issues. If so, you may be considering buying bath safety items to help prevent trips, slips, and other mishaps in the bathroom.

Bathroom stools and benches are just one of many possibilities for maintaining bathroom security and individuality while bathing. Today, we'll look into whether using a bathroom stool or bench is your best bet for bath safety and, if so, how to pick the best one.

Firstly, Who Needs Any Type of Bathroom Stool or Bench?

It can be challenging to choose the bath safety product that is ideal for you with several commercially available. Compared to grab bars or safety rails, bathroom stools and benches offer the most stability while having a bath. You might require this added strength if you:

  • Have serious balance problems.

  • Leg trembling is prevalent.

  • The possibility of slipping or falling is substantial.

  • Fatigue easily.

Nevertheless, there are additional options available for people who require more stability, including a bathroom bench.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Bathroom Stools and Benches?

After deciding that bathroom stools and benches are your best choice, there are many things to think about to make sure you choose the right one. Before making a purchase, you should give each of the following factors careful and thoughtful consideration:

Overall Size

When shopping, it's important to consider the physical dimensions of the bathroom stools and benches. If your stool or bench won't fit in the tub or shower, it won't be of much use. Measure the diameter of the tub floor or the length and width of your shower space to make sure the stool or bench you choose has the appropriate dimensions.

Seat Size

To ensure that you can sit easily and securely on the stool, you should also pay particular attention to the stool's seat measurements. When seated on a smooth surface, measure the dimensions of your rear side to determine the right dimensions for you. To ensure that you can sit firmly on the stool without the threat of slipping or falling off, the seat needs to be a bit broader than this measurement.

Weight Capacity

Your bathroom stools and benches ought to have the capacity to securely support your weight. Depending on the model, their seats ought to be able to support anything from 250 pounds to 400 pounds. Before making a purchase, make sure the product can support the desired weight.


You should choose a stool made of substances that can withstand repeated exposure to water because you will be using it in the bath. The most popular types of seats are those manufactured from rust-resistant materials like plastic, aluminum, or steel. While all-plastic bathroom stools and benches are an option, the best, most reliable choice is a stool or bench with plastic for the seat and aluminum or steel for the legs.

In The End

You can now consider getting bathroom stools and benches for your home. If interested, you can contact Kerr Medical to buy these stools and benches as well as other elderly fall prevention devices such as bath mats, emergency call buttons, handheld shower sprays, massagers, and much more.