Aging in place is preferred by most older adults. And why should it not? It allows them to remain at home during the golden years of their life. While some seniors may require nursing home care because of unique medical needs, aging in place is a safe option for others. You will need to see to it that the living space is such that their health and safety are not compromised. Products like smart caregiver wireless bed alarm help you take proper care of seniors.

Some reasons why seniors choose aging in place instead of living in an assisted living facility:

1. Comfort- A senior aging in place continues to live the desired lifestyle in a familiar environment. The emotional value attached to ‘home’ is immense. Moving to an assisted living facility means having to adapt to a completely new place. They will be required to understand new systems and get to know new people. In-home care agencies provide varied services, from meal preparations and light housekeeping to personal care, allowing seniors to get the additional help right in the comfort of their home. Products like smart caregiver floor mat and door alarm enhance the quality of care provided at home.

2. Emotional well-being- The transition to institutional care can be painful and difficult for seniors emotionally. It is akin to uprooting them from their comfort zone, taking away their support system, and disrupting their normal routine. They may even suffer from depression and anxiety that affects their physical health and overall quality of life.

3. Proximity to loved ones- In most cases, aging in place means staying close and connected to family and friends. That plays a crucial role in their well-being. We cannot emphasize enough how significant it is for seniors to have a strong local support system to lean on. Spending ample time with their children, grandkids, and neighbors is also beneficial for elderly adults. Being socially connected enhances the feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

4. Cost savings- Taking one’s finances into account is vital while deciding whether to move to an assisted living facility or continue living at home. Usually, it is easier and comparatively more affordable to make certain changes to your home for ensuring safety, for instance, installing a bed alarm system and raised toilet seats, than shifting them to an assisted living facility. Even if you opt for home care services, it should be easier on your pocket than a nursing home facility cost.

Final words

While aging in place is a convenient choice, it is equally important to ensure that the quality of care is not compromised. Use anti-wandering products like door alarms and fall prevention products like smart caregiver floor mats to ensure your home is equipped with everything to provide a safe and secure living environment for seniors.

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