Once you get older, expect a lot of gradual but significant changes that can happen to your body. Your hair will turn gray (or even start to fall out) and your skin will begin to lose elasticity, thus wrinkles will set in. But this is just the beginning.

What you should be more concerned about as you get older are the changes that can affect your health and well-being. Your sight, hearing, and muscle strength won't be the same any longer. Your reflexes and coordination will become weaker and their decline will be further compounded by several conditions such as heart disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, bone diseases (such as osteoporosis), and joint pains. Also, certain medications can cause weakness, headaches, and dizziness. Any of these factors can contribute to problems with balance which may cause seniors to fall. While people of all ages may experience falls, seniors are particularly at the risk of experiencing them.

Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries and deaths among the elderly, 65 years old and onwards. This further undermines their mobility, independence, and safety. A broken bone might not be so terrible for younger people as it can quickly heal, but for seniors, it can be the beginning of more serious problems.

That is why the prevention of falls in seniors is critical. Eating the right diet, taking proper medications, and taking part in certain forms of exercises and activities are encouraged to decrease the chances of accidental falling.

The variety of fall prevention devices offered by Kerr Medical has provided great help not just to the senior patients but also to their caregivers. Check these tools out:

1) Paging Fall Monitor
This wireless alarm monitor from Smart Caregiver helps in preventing falls in senior patients. It can send a wireless signal to a remote caregiver pager or central monitor (both of which can be purchased individually) up to 150 feet.

This device should be used together with a bed alarm pad, chair alarm pad, pressure sensor pad used as a floor mat, or with a seat belt, all of which can be bought separately. It has a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

2) 12" Suction Cup Grab Bar
This simple but efficient tool is usually installed on bathroom walls. Its adhesion is strong and secure. It is guaranteed never to fall off. Despite that, it will never cause damage to the surface to which it is applied. A color indicator on the bar changes whether the bar is positioned correctly or needs to be re-positioned on the surface.

However, as this bar uses suction and therefore is not permanently mounted on the wall, it is not intended to support a patient's full body weight. Assistance from the caregiver is still required.

3) 16 1/2" Plastic Tub Rail
This tub rail has an ergonomic design which allows for a safe and comfortable grip as well as easy installation and removal.

4) Adjustable Length Home Style Bed Rail

It is designed to prevent accidental falls as well as to allow seniors to get in and out of bed safely. The rail length can be easily adjusted between 36" to 72", depending on the needs and the situation of the patient. It can fit all bed sizes and styles – even king and queen-sized beds and twin beds.

5) Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar
Manufactured by Stander, this tool allows seniors to stand from a chair, couch, or bed more easily. It is tension mounted so installation requires no screws, bolts, or any other special tools.

6) Couch Cane
It is usually mounted on the side of the couch which makes getting up from the couch easier for seniors. It also comes with a four-pocket pouch for easy access of remote controls, magazines, or any of your senior's favorite things. It also has rubber pads for additional stability and protection to the surface against damage. Its length can also be adjusted.

7) Adjustable Height Clamp on Tub Rail
It is constructed with a steel body which is coated with a durable white powder coating. Its length can be adjusted from 14" to 17". It is designed with a handle design that ensures a safe and secure grip position.

If you would like additional information about any of these products, or other products offered by Kerr Medical, call us at 1-888-254-3444.