Kerr Medical knows that being a caregiver is a tough job to start with. It requires more than just skills and experience – it also requires patience, compassion and a knack for communicating.

Whether you're a caregiver by profession or a caregiver by default, you are aware of how challenging, stressful and emotionally draining this job is. You feel overwhelmed and tired – often, you would sleep with one eye open or doze off while sitting outside your patient's room.

Because of the long hours you spend in giving care to someone who is aging or chronically disabled, you may feel frustrated that you cannot find the time for yourself or for doing the things you like. You may even lose interest in activities that you used to enjoy. Not to mention that you begin to suffer the typical signs of "caregiver stress" such as insomnia, frequent headaches, bodily pain, and even sometimes nervous breakdown.

However, being a caregiver also brings rewards. It allows you to spend more time together with your ailing loved one or mend broken relationships. While being a caregiver can make you feel lonely and isolated, this is also where you find out who your true friends and family are. They are the ones who are willing to help you and keep you company without asking for anything in return.

But what if they aren't around for the moment and you need help? Or you need some time out? Not to worry! Thanks to the newest technologies, there some products that provide you with some relief from much of the burden that usually comes with caregiving.

Kerr Medical offers a wide range of quality products manufactured by Smart Caregiver, a trusted name and industry pioneer in anti-wandering and fall prevention solutions for over two decades. Check out the essential products that bring relief and a better quality of life for both patients and caregivers.

1) Caregiver Key
The Caregiver Key, which comes with a chain, is for use with Smart Caregiver TL-2100 series monitors. This device allows the caregiver to make the monitors tamper-proof so that the patient won't be able to turn off the alarm noise. The caregiver with the Caregiver Key is the only one who can reset the alarm.

This is compatible or used together with Anti-Wandering Door Exit Alarm Systems (models TL-3004SYS1/2 and TL-3005SYS1/2) and other Smart Caregiver alarm models TL-2100G, TL-2100S, TL-2100CP, TL-2100V, and TL-2016R3/4.

2) Bed Alarms with Floor Mat (corded or cordless)
Many caregivers are hesitant to leave their wards to take a well-deserved nap, watch TV, do yard work or do something else, as they had to constantly monitor them.

That is why bed alarms for the elderly and dementia patients are a great help. A bed alarm or monitor work alongside a bed pad (or in this case a floor mat but can also be used with a chair pad) by detecting a change in pressure on the pad and sounds an alarm if he or she tries to get up from the bed on their own. When the alarm or monitor is triggered, it emits a loud sound, and alerts the caregiver that the patient is getting up and may try exiting the room or the house.

This high-quality floor mat is suitable to be placed next to a bed or across the doorway. When used together with a bed alarm, this floor mat is a great way to prevent falls or to prevent the patient from wandering.

With the use of a floor mat with a bed alarm, the caregiver does not need to constantly go back and forth to check on their patients. This system gives more flexibility and freedom for the caregivers to do other things around the house or facility, while their patient is asleep.

3) Anti-Wandering Single Door Exit Alarm System
Wandering especially among dementia patients is dangerous, and this is one of the behaviors that every caregiver should watch out for. But constantly monitoring their patients can also mean that the caregivers must give up their independence and time for themselves.

Smart Caregiver offers excellent anti-wandering devices like the Anti-Wandering Single Door Exit Alarm System. It protects your loved ones from wandering and allows you flexibility. This "all-in-one" system includes a door exit alarm for the single door, a wristband transmitter, an AC adapter for door bar alarm, a tamper-proof caregiver key and an optional magnet contact switch.

This system alerts caregivers when a wandering patient approaches the doorway. With this efficient system, caregivers do not have to worry whether their patients have started to wander and tried to exit the room or the house. Another great thing about this system is that it is wireless – no need to call for an electrician to set it up! Ideal for both nursing care facility and home use.

4) Cordless/Wireless Bed Alarm System with Pager
This cordless/wireless bed alarm system with pager allows the caregiver to take the alarm noise away from the patient, sending it out of the room to a caregiver pager.

The pager can be placed up to 300 feet away from the bed sensor mattress or pad. It alerts the caregiver by sounding an alarm or by vibrating (caregiver's choice) when the patient tries to get up from the bed.

Like many similar anti-falling and anti-wandering devices, it gives the caregiver more independence and time for themselves without having to worry that they will miss the alarm if they are doing something else. With the alarm noise away from the patient, he or she won't have to feel startled or frightened.

5) Cordless Chair Pad
This wireless chair pad works in the same manner as bed pad or floor mats – it detects a release of pressure when a patient tries to get up from their seat (whether a regular chair or wheelchair) then sends the alarm to the caregiver, giving enough time to come to his or her help.

It should be used together with Smart Caregiver alarm models 433-EC, 433-CMU, 433-CMU-40 or -60, and TL-2100G (sold separately). It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

6) Two Call Button System
Smart Caregiver aims to bring devices that are streamlined to make your everyday lives more manageable.

The simple but efficient two-call button system sends signals from either call button to the care person which can be up to 150' from the call buttons. It can be installed on the wall, countertop or bedside table. It can also be worn around the neck using a lanyard (which is included). The pager has two chime options, an output volume of between 70 and 80 decibels, and includes a clip that can be attached to a belt or converted into a stand for the table or countertop.

7) Nurse Call Cord
The Nurse Call Cord is installed by the bedside for easy access by the patient who needs caregiver assistance. It can be used together with TL-2016R3 Wireless Fall Monitor and TL-2016P Caregiver Pager, (all sold separately).

8) Tidy Toilet Sensor Pad
The Tidy Toilet Sensor Pad is designed to give the patient more privacy in the restroom – so no feelings of awkwardness which the patient could have experienced with the caregiver watching over them. The device is placed on the underside of the toilet seat and connected to an alarm with a cord. As the patient is through using the toilet and gets up from it, the pressure is released off the toilet seat. When this happens, the alarm emits a sound which alerts the caregiver who will come to the patient's assistance.

9) Bed Safety Wedge
Smart Caregiver also provides simple, basic but efficient products to make lives of both patients and caregivers more comfortable and more manageable.

This bed safety wedge is designed to help patients to lie on their side more comfortable. It is covered with a PVC material that is easily cleaned and washed.

10) Easy Release Velcro Seat Belt
In place of a chair sensor pad or a floor mat, the Easy Release Velcro Seat Belt is designed to keep your loved ones safe but without restricting his or her movements. It attaches to a wheelchair and can be used together with Smart Caregiver alarm models TL-2004E, TL-2016R3, TL-2100E, TL-2100V, TL-2100CP, or TL-2100G, (all sold separately).

When the patient releases the belt, it sends an alarm to the caregiver. As soon as the patient releases the belt, they have not stood up yet, allowing the caregiver to come to their help on time.