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Bathroom Safety Packages

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  • Water Resistant Call Button/Pull Cord

    Wireless Water Resistant Call Button/Pull Cord is perfect for use in the bathroom near the toilet or shower. Must be used with an Emergency Call Light, item 2007-ECAR1, and a...
  • Emergency call button system with lights

    The Emergency Call Buttons & Light System include a wireless call button with pull cord, reset button, and call alert with light. It is ideal for bathroom and hallway notification...
  • Bath Bench w/ Back, Deluxe Shower Spray & Bathtub Mat

    The User Friendly Deluxe Shower Spray with a sturdy wall holder and an extra-long nylon hose. A reinforced white, 80" hose will provide extra convenience and a feeling of independence, while the...
  • Bathtub Mat and Handheld Shower Spray & Massager

    This unique package contains two items to make the bathing experience easier and safer: The quality Bath Mat holds securely to your tub with multiple suction cups, allowing for a...
  • Bath Bench w/ Back, Deluxe Shower Spray, Bathtub Mat, & Clamp On Tub Rail

    The User Friendly Deluxe Shower Spray with a sturdy wall holder and an extra-long nylon hose. A reinforced white, 80" hose will provide extra convenience and a feeling of independence,...
  • Bath Bench w/ Back, Deluxe Shower Spray, Rotating Suction Cup Grab Bar, & Bathtub Mat

    4 Item Bathing Package includes, Sturdy Bath Bench with Back, Deluxe Shower Spray, Extra Long Bath Mat & Suction Grab Bar. A great package to make bathing safer and easier....
  • Bathtub Mat, Handheld Shower Spray & Massager, & Clamp On Tub Rail

    This Solution Package is designed to make your life easier by providing you with the perfect combination of products. This particular Solution consists of the Shower Bathtub Mat, the Handheld...

Bathroom Safety Packages For Seniors

Bathrooms have all the elements that are most likely to lead to falls. The floors are extremely hard, there is water everywhere, the surfaces are slippery and movement is restricted. No wonder accidents in the bathroom are one of the major reasons why seniors have to visit the ER. 

That is where we can help you. At Kerr Medical, we offer a wide selection of high-quality, durable bathroom safety products and accessories to assist seniors in maintaining their independence and privacy.

With our products, you’ll be able to keep your loved ones safe and in good health. These tools and accessories are designed to facilitate a safe bathing experience and also to ensure that seniors are able to navigate across the bathroom without requiring human assistance. Perfect for seniors with balance and mobility-related problems, Kerr Medical’s safety packages are affordable and long-term solutions that help them to take care of their everyday hygiene demands by themselves. 

Whether you’re looking for shower bench seats or suction cup grab bars, we have products to make homes more senior-friendly. Here are a few of our staples included in the different packages that will aid in preventing nasty slips and falls:

Emergency Call Devices 

Timely intervention is crucial to minimizing damage when a senior does slip or fall in the bathroom. That is why Wireless Water Resistant Call Devices should be mounted near shower chairs specially designed for the elderly, commodes, and bathtubs so that they can be used to call for help if the worse does happen. The person in need of assistance can pull the cord that’s attached to the emergency device to send an SOS to his or her caregiver immediately. 


Bath Benches 

Seniors and individuals living with disabilities need a place to sit while bathing. Make it a comfortable and safe experience for them by getting shower benches, that also goes by the name of bath chairs. An average bench’s legs have suction cups to ensure that it does not move or slide because of pressure or water. Moreover, such benches also come with back support systems so that seniors don’t strain their muscles while bathing. 


Shower Sprays 

While bathroom stools and benches make showering easier, reaching out for the faucets and the knobs can be quite difficult for individuals with limited range of motion. You can consider installing a shower spray with a built-in on and off switch on its handle to reduce the risk of them slipping while trying to turn on the water. 

Bathtub Mats 

Bathtub safety should be your priority if you have an elderly person living at home. As most falls occur when seniors try to get in or out of the bathtub, place a slip-resistant easy-to-clean rubber mat as a precautionary measure. This will make the bathroom a welcoming environment for seniors and not one that causes fear in them. 

Grab Bars and Rails 

You might not know when your aged parent needs some help and support to get up from the toilet or the bathtub. Having bars and rails at an arm’s reach near the shower, the bathtub, as well as the next to toilet seats is a simple solution to this. These fixtures are crucial for seniors living with arthritis and those with mobility problems as they might not have the strength to hoist themselves up. 

Looking for shower aids and bathtub safety packages that are affordable, easy to install, durable, and safe to use? Browse through our collection now to make your home safer for your loved ones. 
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