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Nurse Call Light Systems for Hospitals & Clinics

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  • Call Button - Use with Alarms 433-CMU & 433-EC

    Call button to use with the Wireless Central Monitoring Alarm 433-CMU, 433-CMU-40, 433-CMU-60, or the Cordless Alarm 433-EC, (all sold separately; note that button must be programmed to one of...
  • Motion Sensor- Use with Alarms 433-CMU, 433-CMU-40 or -60, & 433-EC

    Place the motion sensor next to a bed to know when your patient is getting up; or across a doorway to know when they are leaving a room or building....
  • Wireless Central Monitoring Alarm, Multi-Device Compatibility!

    This Central Monitor Unit can receive signals from up to 40 different compatible wireless/cordless items, eliminating the need for multiple monitors! Use with Smart Caregiver bed and chair sensor pads...
  • Caregiver Pager with Built-in System Reset Button - Use with Alarms 433-CMU (All Versions) & TL-2015R2

    New! Display pager with built-in reset button, for use with alarm monitors Wireless Central Monitoring Alarm 433-CMU, 433-CMU-40, 433-CMU-60, or Large Facility Central Monitor TL-2015R2, (all sold separately). Signal is...
  • Call Button System With Pager

    Simple call system which sends signal from either call button to the care person pager which can be up to 150' from the call buttons. Call buttons can be mounted...
  • Two-Way Communication Audio Monitor

    Vtech's top rated digital audio monitor, made for use to monitor infants, but also ideal for monitoring and communicating with a patient. DECT 6.0 secure digital technology; totally digital transmission...
  • Wireless Emergency Call Light & Optional Reset Button

    Emergency Call Light for use with Anti-Wandering Door Bar Exit Alarm Systems and Wireless Water Resistant Emergency Call Systems, both sold separately. Choose to include a 2007-RBR1 Wireless Reset Button...
  • Water Resistant Call Button/Pull Cord

    Wireless Water Resistant Call Button/Pull Cord is perfect for use in the bathroom near the toilet or shower. Must be used with an Emergency Call Light, item 2007-ECAR1, and a...
  • Package 21 - Call Button and Alarm You Can Carry With You! (Alarm Away from Patient)

    This is a simple, easy to use call system perfect for the home. The system comes with one call button and one alarm. Call button comes with a lanyard, for...
  • Wireless Reset Button - Use with Water Resistant Call Button & Emergency Call Light

    Wireless Reset Button for use with Waterproof Call Button/Call Cord and/or Emergency Call Light, models 2007-CBR1 and 2007-ECAR1, (both sold separately). Programming required if purchased separately from those items. One...
  • Emergency call button system with lights

    The Emergency Call Buttons & Light System include a wireless call button with pull cord, reset button, and call alert with light. It is ideal for bathroom and hallway notification...
  • Nurse Call Cord - Use with Paging Fall Monitor TL-2016R3

    Bedside Nurse Call Cord to be used with TL-2016R3 Wireless Fall Monitor, (shown mounted on wall, sold separately, as well as part of Package 5,6, and 15), and TL-2016P Caregiver...
  • Modified Call Buttons with Pager - (For use with alarm monitors with nurse call ports only)

    Modified two call button and paging system enables you to convert your alarm monitor TL-2100B, TL-2100E, or TL-2100S, (the models sold in our Packages 1, 1A, 2, 10, 10A, 11,...

Build a customized cordless or wireless paging call system from the products below to meet your particular needs. If you need assistance, please call our trained customer service team!

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