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Alarm Mats for Elderly

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  • Replacement Transmitter for Cordless Floor Mats FMT-05C and FMT-07C

    Replacement transmitter/battery pack for Smart Caregiver FMT-05C and FMT-07C Cordless Floor Mats. One year manufacturer warranty. (See Product Instructions/Assistance to program a new TM-FM with an existing cordless alarm monitor.)
  • Package 14 - Cordless Floor Mat Exit Alarm System (Alarm Away from Patient)

    This is a high grade, top quality cordless floor mat alarm system. The rubber floor mat is one of the most reliable and well made floor mats available for home...
    From $189.95
  • Cordless Floor Mat - Use with Alarms 433-EC, 433-CMU or TL-2100G

    This cordless, wireless gray floor mat should be used with one of our cordless, wireless alarm monitors, models 433-EC, 433-CMU, or TL-2100G, (sold separately). Chose from two sizes: 2' x...
  • Package 17 - Quick Alert Cordless Floor Mat Alarm System (Alarm Away from Patient)

    Our Quick Alert Cordless Floor Mat System gives a caregiver an immediate alert when their patient is trying to exit a bed, chair, or doorway. This package includes a high...
    From $194.95
  • Package 15 - Floor Mat Exit Alarm System with Wireless Pager (Alarm Near OR Away from Patient)

    Floor Mat Exit Alarm System lets a caregiver know when a patient is on the move! Use by a bed, chair, or in a doorway, and receive a remote alert...
    From $233.95
  • Floor Mats - Choose Corded or Wireless/Cordless

    Floor mats, paired with a bed or chair alarm, offer a great fall prevention alternative to bed and chair sensor pads. Placed next to a bed or chair, the caregiver...
    From $90.95
  • Cordless Weight Sensing Impact Landing Mat

    Unique and exclusive pressure sensing Impact Mat that reduces injuries from falls and alerts caregiver when resident needs assistance, when used with a 433-EC, TL-2100G, or 433-CMU-40/60 alarm monitor (all...
  • 2' x 4' Weight Sensing Floor Mat

    This 2' x 4' bevel-edged gray floor mat should be connected to a compatible Smart Caregiver alarm monitor. (Compatible alarms, sold separately, are models TL-2004E, TL-2100B, TL-2100E, TL-2100S, TL-2100V or...
  • 2' x 3' Weight Sensing Floor Mat

    This 2' x 3' bevel-edged gray floor mat should be connected to a compatible Smart Caregiver alarm monitor. (Compatible alarms, sold separately, are models TL-2004E, TL-2100B, TL-2100E,TL-2100S, TL-2100V or TL-2016R5.)...

Floor Mats To Prevent Falls

As a primary caregiver, keeping a constant watchful eye and catering to the needs of a senior individual at all times can be quite draining and difficult as well. This is why you need all the tech-enabled products you can get to provide the help and support that they need whilst not being stressed and burned out yourself.

At Kerr Medical, we know that if there is something that a caregiver is usually deprived of, it is a good night’s rest. After all, caregivers are known to prioritize the needs of the elderly who are in their care. What if they fall while trying to get up from the bed? What if they slip when they try to go to the washroom? These concerns keep them on the edge due to which they skip sleeping and tending to their own needs.

But all this can be avoided and the safety of the elderly in need of assistance can also be guaranteed with a simple addition — wireless floor mat alarms.

What Are Floor Mat Alarms?

Floor mat alarms alert the caregiver immediately when seniors place their feet on the floor mat after getting up from their bed. It is the perfect anti-fall system that is activated when pressure is applied on the mat.

There are multiple models available, designed for different purposes. While you can choose floor mat models that sound an alarm near the senior’s bed where there is an existing system installed, there are also floor pressure mat alarms that send wireless signals to pagers instead. These models can alert the caregivers up to 150' away. Perfect to ensure the caregiver’s good night’s sleep and also to make sure that the senior is not startled by the sound of the alarm.

Here are the other benefits of investing in floor mat alarms for the elderly:

Anti-Wandering Systems

Not only seniors but individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and children with special needs are also at a high risk of wandering away and getting lost. Floor pressure sensor mats placed near exit points prove to be fail-safe measures in such cases, as the alarm will be triggered the moment the mat is stepped on.

Suitable For In-Home Care

These alarm systems are not only meant for hospitals and assisted living facilities. You can invest in one for your home so that you are immediately alerted when your aged parent requires your help. Monitoring their health will become a whole lot easier with this simple addition.

Durable And Strong

These alarm mats for the elderly are made of high-quality durable rubber that will last you for a long, long time. It is also a great alternative to conventional mats as it has anti-skid properties, given they are designed especially for the elderly. Moreover, these mats are wheelchair-friendly.

Gives You Peace Of Mind

Your peace of mind is as important as the needs of your loved ones. The days of jumping out of bed and running out of the bathroom to check on your loved one will be over if you invest in floor mats with wireless remote alarm systems. There is no doubt that it will help you sleep better at night. You will also be able to provide better, faster assistance when they need you!

Easy to clean and maintain, our floor mats come with a variety of volume control, cordless, and on-site alarm options. Browse through our catalog of floor mats to make your life as well as your loved one's life easier, safer, and happier.

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