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Motion Sensor Alarm For Elderly Patients

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  • Package 19 - Motion Sensor & Pager (Alarm Away from Patient)

    This is a great improvement on a regular, stand alone motion sensor. The motion sensor monitors a cone shaped field that measures 30' in front and 15' on sides from...
    From $34.95
  • Package 18 - Motion Sensor with Remote Alarm - (Alarm Away from Patient)

    This motion sensor with a remote alarm for the caregiver is a great improvement over a traditional motion sensor, (which emits an alert right at the motion sensor, within hearing...
    From $69.95
  • Motion Sensor- Use with Alarms 433-CMU, 433-CMU-40 or -60, & 433-EC

    Place the motion sensor next to a bed to know when your patient is getting up; or across a doorway to know when they are leaving a room or building....
  • Swivel Bracket Motion Sensor (Alarm in Patient's Room)

    Attach this motion sensor to the bed or a wall near the bed, and you will know when your patient puts a leg out of the bed and across the...
  • Quick Alert Cordless Motion Sensor Alarm System

    Our Quick Alert Cordless Motion Sensor Alarm System gives a caregiver an immediate, discreet alert when their patient is trying to exit a bed, chair, or doorway. Alarm is hospital...
  • Infrared Motion Sensor for Quick Alert Cordless Alarm

    Infrared Motion Sensor for use with Quick Alert Cordless Monitor model TL-2100G, (sold separately). Monitors an invisible "curtain-like" area, when used with a TL-2100G. An excellent way for a caregiver...

Smart Caregiver Motion Sensor Alarms For The Elderly

Aging in place helps to improve the quality of life of seniors. But there is no doubt that it comes with its own set of challenges. In such a scenario, using technologies such as remote motion sensors that help in delivering care efficiently and affordably will help alleviate a lot of safety concerns. Smart caregiver motion sensors can be used in place of sensor pads and floor mats in settings where these additions might not be appropriate. When placed along the bedside, near chairs or doorways, it will immediately notify the caregiver when the resident tries to vacate the bed. 

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