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Twiddle Activity Muff

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Caregivers often have difficulty finding activities for people with dementia, and many games for Alzheimer's patients become ineffective as the disease progresses into the late stages. It is common for...


Caregivers often have difficulty finding activities for people with dementia, and many games for Alzheimer's patients become ineffective as the disease progresses into the late stages. It is common for these patients to have restless hands, particularly if they had been accustomed to performing manual activities, such as knitting, typing, or playing a musical instrument prior to the onset of Alzheimer's.

The Twiddle®s Activity Muffs provide an engaging, entertaining way to occupy the hands. Within each muff is a soft ball for squeezing, and the outer surface provides ideal tactile stimulation. Marble-sized beads are safely contained inside a sealed pouch, but busy hands can still manipulate them. Trims, such as buttons, ribbons, and beads, offer additinoal engagement. Twiddle®s also help keep the patient's hands warm, making it perfect for outdoor activities with Alzheimer's patients.

Four different designs are available, allowing caregivers to choose the perfect match for their patient.

Twiddle®Classic - A luxurious lavender blue Twiddle embellished with rings of satin-textured fringe. Reminiscent for some of Grandmother's Victorian parlor; for others, a lovey fit for a princess, this original Twiddle calms and comforts, while stimulating mental and physical activity with an interior soft-plastic orbit ball, a loop of multi-colored wooden beads, flowing textured ribbons, a Velcro pull patch, and a sealed satin or buckskin crackle pouch.

Twiddle®Sport - For the sports-minded, this streamlined, distinctive activity muff is the way to go. Kitted out in Black Watch plaid with faux suede accents, the Sport model features mental and physical activity winners: strands of textured ribbons, a loop of multi-colored wooden beads, a faux suede pocket and sealed pouch of marbles, a Velcro pull patch, and best of all, an interior squeezy ball to work on. No sweat stains or sore muscles, just gratifying memories of the glory days.

Twiddle®Cat - The purrfect Twiddle® for the feline fancier: a cuddly kitty without the claws! The exotic-eyed Twiddle®Cat features soft, cozy fleecy fur in either a cream or chocolate shade, with rich satin embellishments. Hands and Mind are kept active and engaged by the interior squeeze ball, a satin pocket, a sealed bag of marbles, a loop of multi-colored wooden beads, streaming textured ribbons, and a Velcro pull patch.

Twiddle®Pup - Who can resist an eager-eyed, fluffy puppy? This floppy-eared, friendly-faced, flea-free Twiddle®Pup comes complete with its own squeeze ball tethered on the inside. Exterior attached gadgets include a loop of multi-colored wooden beads, textured ribbons, a faux suede pocket and sealed pouch of marbles, and a Velcro pull patch to exercise hands and mind alike. No walks or clean-up required for this best-in-show puppy pal.

All Twiddle®s are machine washable and dryer friendly. Just remember to remove all gadgets prior to washing!

Notes for using a Twiddle®:
Intoducing a Twiddle® - Before you give a Twiddle® to someone, think about the approach to which he or she will be most receptive. Perhaps the gentleman who likes to fix things could be handed the Twiddle® for "evaluation." The woman who is a nurturer might appreciate "looking after it for a while." Does he or she like animals, or fear cats or dogs? As in all things, be thoughtful about the choice of Twiddle®, and its introduction.

Stop the "Pick Up" Game - Some individuals habitually toss onto the floor items they are given, then ask for help picking them up again. One advantage of the Twiddle® is that a belt can be inserted through the activity/comfort aid, then tied or loosely fastened behind the person's waist. This keeps the Twiddle® up where it can be used and enjoyed, and not on the floor.

Change It Up - For the sake of variety, move the gadgets around on the Twiddle®. Put the beads inside, and affix the ball on the outside, for example. If someone tends to chew a particular attachment, don't risk an accident. Unbutton and remove the potentially problematic gadget, without compromising the quality or usefulness of the Twiddle®. Once in a while, take off all attachments and run the Twiddle® through the washer and dryer to keep it clean and fresh.

Pocket Potpourri - The Twiddle's® side pocket can hold a handy tissue, a family photo, a simple memento, or perhaps a sweet-smelling sachet. Customize the contents to the individual, and keep it fun and surprising.

Twiddle Activity Muff

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