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March 2014 -

Kerr Medical announces the launch of their private label Washable, Absorbent Bed Protective Pads. Our washable underpads far surpass the absorbency capacities of other pads on the market.  Breathable, soft quilted top-layer for maximum comfort, non-skid back to hold in place.  Larger size available with or without tuckable flaps.  Newer polyurethane laminate (PUL) technology makes our pads lighter than traditional vinyl-based ones, meaning less time and money spent laundering, helping keep your utility bills down.  Made to last at least 200 washings. Top layer: 100% polyester Soaker: 80% polyester/20% rayon Waterproof layer: PUL Pads are sold individually or in packs of 3!


December 2013 -

Bed Alarms by Kerr Medical wishes all their loyal customers a wonderful holiday season!  We are excited to announce some additional products joining our Bed Alarms by Kerr Medical offering in 2014, and we will continue to offer our customers the very best customer service!  And Bed Alarms by Kerr Medical are please to announce the continuation of their long and loyal relationship with their bed alarm and fall safety manufacturer Smart Caregiver into 2014. As a leader in the field of fall safety, Smart Caregiver continues to be at the forefront of design of bed alarm systems, and of course, Bed Alarms by Kerr Medical is right there with them, offering our customers some of the most cutting edge technology for fall safety and bed alarms.

Bed Alarms by Kerr Medical is also pleased to announce it's continuation of their Fall Safety Program in conjunction with the Safety Council, offering a complete package of fall safety products, such as bed rails, bed alarms, floor mats, walkers and more. Thank you for support in 2013!

November 2013 -

According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010, (most recent data available), 43.2% of U.S. injury related deaths of those over the age of 65 were caused by unintentional falls.  When used properly, as a supplement to the direct supervision of a caregiver, Bed Alarms by Kerr Medical's Fall Prevention line of products are a valuable tool in keeping our customer's loved ones and patients from becoming part of this statistic.

Bed Alarms by Kerr Medical continues to offer it's customers the leading technology in fall safety products.

October 2013 - One to read! Hospitals attempt to deal with 'Alarm Fatigue'

Please follow this link to read this interesting article.  Bed Alarms by Kerr Medical is please to offer their customers, from time to time, interesting articles about Bed Alarms, Fall Safety, Incontinence, Mobility, Dementia and Alzheimer's Care.


September 2013 - Kerr Medical announces the addition of the new High Quality Fall Safety Landing Mats, currently being launched by Smart Caregiver

The new mats provide an additional level of fall safety for the home care or nursing home patient.  The mats have been rigorously tested.  They can be used next to beds and chairs to augment Kerr's already extensive range of high quality bed and chair alarms, used extensively throughout the US and Canada, both in home care and nursing home environments.

This flexible new product line can also be placed at doorways or exit points to provide both notice to the caregiver by alarming when stepped upon and impact absorption to prevent injury in case of a fall.

Kerr Medical, in its efforts to provide caregivers with the best possible products to help keep their patients safe, will offer this product at a highly competitive price.  We look forward to providing our many customers with another outstanding product.

July 2013 - Kerr is pleased to announce their Product Focus Program, aimed at the home caregiver and their patients with Dementia and Alzheimer's

Already a leader in Fall Safety, featuring cutting edge bed alarms and sensor pads, Kerr is pleased to announce an expansion of the product line to include items that will specifically help the caregivers of Dementia and Alzheimer's patients.

The products being introduced expand our already successful Mobility Packages, Daily Living Aids, and Bathroom Safety offerings.  Kerr hopes to enhance the customer's ability to find products that will make caring for a patient or loved one suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer's easier.  Using our staff of highly trained home care specialists, Kerr has worked to source products that offer a further level of reliability and safety.

Through access to these trained specialists in our Customer Service department, Kerr provides the highest level of product awareness and education available for the customer.

Over the next few months Kerr Medical will continue to add more cutting-edge products within this category, to expand the buying experience of the customer.

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