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This package includes a deluxe, hospital grade bed alarm and a long term bed sensor pad. This system is commonly found in nursing facilities, and is perfect for home care...


This package includes a deluxe, hospital grade bed alarm and a long term bed sensor pad. This system is commonly found in nursing facilities, and is perfect for home care use if a caregiver want a system just like what a facility used with their patient.

Alarm has a durable rubber cover and hanging strap, adjustable volume (output varies between 80-90 decibels), optional delay, adjustable tones, status and pad lost indicators (for safety), low battery indicator, and an optional tamper-proof setting called 'Caregiver Key' mode.

Pad, made of a soft vinyl with a layer of foam inside for comfort, features a safety cord that is designed to come apart if placed under strain. (Cord replacements can be ordered if the original is damaged). Easy to clean and sealed to protect from issues with incontinence. You may place an incontinence sheet over the pad, but test the system thoroughly before putting in use.

Choose your bed pad size: 10" x 30" bed pad (for a patient weighing 120 lbs. or more) or a 20" x 30" bed pad (for a patient weighing less than 120 lbs, +$10)*.

This system is simple to install and use. The pad is placed in the bed beneath your patient. Our recommendation is that you place the pad at the upper back level, beneath the sheet, so that when your patient is lying in the bed at night, and they sit up, intending to get out of bed, the alarm will sound as soon as their weight is off the pad, giving you extra time before they can get their feet to the ground. Hang the alarm on the bed or place it on a bedside table. Before use, test the system by placing pressure on the pad. The alarm will beep twice to let you know it is operational. When pressure is removed from the pad, the alarm will sound.

Alarm operates on three (3) AA batteries (not included), or order the optional AC Adapter from the Product Options when adding to your cart (+$9.95). If adding to your package, we recommend keeping batteries in the alarm as a backup in case of an electrical power failure.

* Using this system with certain types of mattresses or cushions, such as memory foam, Tempur-Pedic®, air pressure alternating, gel cushions, or other ones designed to distribute pressure away from the body, can cause false alarm responses. When sensor pads are used on these surfaces, the mattresses/cushions distribute body pressure away from the pads, which can cause the pad to think that the patient is no longer upon it, triggering an alarm. Conversely, these mattresses/cushions can also cause delayed alarm issues. Our 20" x 30" sensor pads are more effective when used with these types of mattresses, so we recommend purchasing the larger pad, regardless of patient weight.

One year manufacturer warranty. Long term pads are expected to last a year and are warrantied as such. The pads should be replaced after that time. To order a new pad, see ourReplacement Standard Sensor Pads.

Manufactured by Smart Caregiver.

This complete Bed Alarm and Sensor Pad Package starts at only $99.95 with free ground shipping!

Package 10 - Deluxe Bed Alarm System - Hospital Grade (Alarm Near Patient)

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