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Special Pricing! Package includes: Cordless/wireless alarm and a long term bed pad. The alarm can be kept with the caregiver up to 100 ft. from the bed pad, allowing the...


Special Pricing!

Package includes:
Cordless/wireless alarm and a long term bed pad.

The alarm can be kept with the caregiver up to 100 ft. from the bed pad, allowing the caregiver more mobility, while providing the patient with a more peaceful environment. The caregiver will receive an alert, day or night, whenever their patient is trying to get out of bed.

Alarm features volume control (varies between 70-80 decibels), an on/off switch, and a low battery indicator.

Sensor pad is made of soft cushioned vinyl, is incontinence resistant, and is easy to wipe clean (see care instructions on pad).

Choose the package that's right for your needs from the Product Options above:

Choose your bed pad size:
10" x 30" pad - for a patient weighing 120 lbs. or more, being used on a firm mattress*.
20" x 30" pad (+$10) - for a patient weighing less than 120 lbs. Also recommended for any weight patient when using with a hospital bed, memory foam, gel, air or Tempur-Pedic® mattress*.

Choose to add an AC adapter:
Power alarm with three (3) C batteries (not included).
Add the optional AC Adapter (+$9.95). If adding to your package, we recommend keeping batteries in the alarm as a backup in case of an electrical power failure.

Choose to add a Remote Reset Button:
Silence the alarm using its On/Off switch, making sure to remember to turn it back on after your patient has been attended.
Add a Remote Reset Button (+$26.95), which allows you to silence the alarm from up to 100 ft. away, saving valuable response time. Alarm power remains on, ready for next use.

How to use:
Place the bed pad horizontally under the fitted sheet in the bed, under the patient's upper back area, so that when they start to get up, the alarm will sound with the caregiver. Alarm will emit a repeated chime tone when alert is activated. To silence the alert, simply turn off the alarm (or use the optional reset button detailed above). While in chime/alert mode, if the patient sits back onto the pad, the system will reset itself.

Other system benefits:
Call buttons, motion sensors, cordless chair pads, and floor mats are also available, (seeWireless/Cordless Systems or the Related Products at the bottom of the page). All these items will alert the same alarm. Up to six (6) can be used with one alarm!

If a cordless bed alarm system with a range greater than 100' is required, please see Package 7 - Cordless/Wireless Bed Alarm System with Pager.

*Note on using with Hospital Bed, Memory Foam, Gel, Air or Tempur-Pedic Mattresses:
Using this system with certain types of mattresses or cushions, such as hospital bed, memory foam, Tempur-Pedic, air pressure alternating, gel cushions, or other types designed to distribute pressure away from the body, can cause false alarm responses or delayed alarm issues. Our 20" x 30" sensor pads are more effective when used with these types of mattresses, so we recommend purchasing the larger pad, regardless of patient weight.

System carries a one year manufacturer warranty. Long term pads are expected to last that full year, and are recommended to be replaced after that time. To order a new pad, see our Replacement Cordless Sensor Pads.

Manufactured by Smart Caregiver Corporation.


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Package 3 - Cordless Bed Alarm System (Alarm Away from Patient)

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