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***Due to current pandemic, part of the system, the 433-PRB (Smart Caregiver pager, will be on backorder until mid to end of June 2022.  We apologize for the delay  and...


***Due to current pandemic, part of the system, the 433-PRB (Smart Caregiver pager, will be on backorder until mid to end of June 2022.  We apologize for the delay  and inconvenience inconvenience this may have caused you.***


This cordless/wireless bed alarm and caregiver pager system allows you to take alarm noise away from the patient, sending it out of the room to a caregiver pager. The pager, which can be up to 300' from the pad, will sound an alert or vibrate, (your option), when the patient is getting out of bed. Give the caregiver greater freedom to move about the home, without having to worry that they will miss the alarm if they are in another room or asleep!

Package includes a high-quality, long term cordless bed sensor pad, (sealed for incontinence protection), a desktop unit called a central monitor, a caregiver pager, and a protective pager cover.

Choose your bed pad size: 10" x 30" bed pad (for a patient weighing 120 lbs. or more) or a 20" x 30" bed pad (for a patient weighing less than 120 lbs, +$10)*.

The desktop unit can be placed in a central location, such as the kitchen, living room, or in a desk area, up to 150 ft away from the cordless bed sensor pad, (maximum range depends upon the environment). It features tone options, volume adjustment, (can be silenced if desired), and a low battery indicator.

The caregiver pager can be up to 150' away from the desktop unit, allowing for a total system distance of up to 300'! It features adjustable volume, (varying between 70-80 decibels), language/tone options, a silent vibration mode, an LCD screen which lights up when the alert is received, and a belt clip which can double as a built-in stand.

To use, simply connect the included AC adapter to the desktop unit. We also recommend placing four C batteries, (not included), inside the back of the desktop unit, as a backup in case of a power outage. Place two AA batteries inside the pager, (not included). Place the bed pad under the fitted sheet in the bed, under the patient's upper back area. (Due to the nature of wireless technology, which can experience up to a few seconds of delayed signal reception, we suggest upper back placement.) When the patientsits up and starts to move towards the edge of the bed, the pad will send a signal to the desktop unit, which will then signal the pager. Silence the alarm system by pressing the "Reset" button on the front of the desktop unit. The system will also reset itself if the patient sits or lays back down on the pad. An optional Remote Reset Button can be purchased (+$26.95), if it is more convenient for the caregiver to reset/silence the system from afar, without having to return to the desktop unit after assisting the patient.

*Using this system with certain types of mattresses or cushions, such as memory foam, Tempur-Pedic, air pressure alternating, gel cushions, or other ones designed to distribute pressure away from the body, can cause false alarm responses. When sensor pads are used on these surfaces, the mattresses/cushions distribute body pressure away from the pads, which can cause the pad to think that the patient is no longer upon it, triggering an alarm. Conversely, these mattresses/cushions can also cause delayed alarm issues. Our 20" x 30" sensor pads are more effective when used with these types of mattresses, so we recommend purchasing the larger pad, regardless of patient weight.

One year manufacturer warranty on the bed pad and desktop unit. 6 month warranty on the pager. Long term pads are expected to last a year and are warrantied as such. The pads should be replaced after that time. To order a new pad, see our Replacement Cordless Sensor Pads.

Watch the video below to see all the ways that the desktop central monitor in this package can help a caregiver! (Additional items shown in the video, such as cordless chair sensor pad, motion sensors, floor mats, call buttons, etc, are available from the Related Products section at the bottom of this page.)

bed alarms

Package 7 - Cordless/Wireless Bed Alarm System with Pager (Alarm Away from Patient)

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